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HR department is one of the key pillars of any organization. It plays a strategic role in managing people and the workplace culture and environment contributing greatly to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of its goals and objectives.

Empowering HR teams thru automation enabling them to spend less time on the tactical activities like employee engagement, addressing grievances, surveys, taking feedback of their jobs and to concentrate on more strategic elements has become important in today’s competitive environment.

Tejora’s Chatbot plays a crucial role in improving the effectiveness of this department as well as assisting HR team in employee engagement activities.

Some of the features of our Chatbots for HR segment

  • Check your performance
  • Find and apply leaves
  • Know company policies.
  • Claim reimbursements

By using chatbots, organizations can ensure fewer overheads for HR managers, improved productivity for the organization, and better engagement for the employees.

Improved Employee experience:

24/7 availability, easy accessibility and effective assistance general HR related queries makes for an improved employee experience.

Maintaining confidentiality and anonymity:

Helping employees to avoid embarrassment, or maintain their personal reputation, when they need to ask certain types of questions, also when employees want to read up on sensitive employee/company policies.

Cost Savings:

Our HR chatbots can create significant cost savings due to time saved in completing HR tasks (by employees) and answering queries (by HR team).

Improve focus while decreasing work pressure:

Chatbots can free up time from the HR team from non-core activities, and freeing up resources to focus on key activities and assignments.

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