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Tejora's Healthcare Chatbot

Today’s user wants to receive information fast, and the healthcare industry is not left out.

With the help of Tejora’s Chatbots improve your patients experience and productivity of your medical staff while also trimming operational costs.

For example: Our scheduling feature helps patient’s setup appointments with the right doctor while also reminding them of pre-appointment and post-appointment actions.

Some of the features of our conversational platform for healthcare are as follows

  • Provide assistance to patient
  • OPD / IPD appointments & reschedule.
  • Provides patient reminders and alerts.
  • Billing and payment assistance
  • Provide reports

Our Chatbot plays an important role not only in delivering your healthcare service when patients are in your ward, but also when they have been discharged. Our NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled chatbots plays a real enabler in driving efficiency, reducing bottlenecks and errors with a greater real-time visibility to the patient’s data, better and faster decision-making to improve the patient experience.

Benefits of our chatbots
  • Round the clock access for your patients.
  • Digital services that work for the modern day customers.
  • Helps in relationship building.
  • Deliver actionable simple response systems for reminders and updates.
  • Patients can easily engage thru various social media channels.
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