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Tejora's Chatbot For Govt Departments

Tejora's Chatbots offer citizens a modern way to communicate with the government. With less or no human interferance and completely digitized solution, it enables 24 X 7 support tirelessly to all citizens. Connected digitally with variety of systems including Health Department, Fire, Police, Emergancy Disaster Team, Muncipal Commissions etc.

Some of the area's where our Chatbot can help to citizens

  • Emergancy Services: Police, Fire, Disaster
  • Public Health services
  • Woman Safety and Quick Response
  • General Services Requests
  • Initiatives, events and drives
  • Complaints
  • General FAQ's
Fielding citizen questions

Tejora's chatbot can answer common questions that might normally be handled by a government employees such as:

  • Where to apply for Birth Certificate?
  • Where to file complaint against the governement employee?

Reaching Emergency Services

Fire and Disaster, our chatbot enables easy access to Emergency services with current location and exact nature and extent of emergency..

Increasing citizen engagement

Chatbots are a great listening tool for various government agencies. Chatbots are being used as an interactive text messaging platform to engage citizens for various topics such as:

  • The future of local transportation?
  • Checking citizen's feedback on implementation of public services?
  • Conducting online surveys on health and education

24/7 online citizen support

If a quick online chat is all that people need to do to get the information they need about public services in their city, they won't be queuing up outside government offices or holding up their phone lines. Armed with online government chatbots, civic bodies can offer an extremely efficient customer support desk, where citizens can get instant and accurate answers to basic questions such as:

  • Which roads will be blocked during tomorrow's rally?
  • How do I check RERA registration of a particular housing project?
  • Can I get next year's public school calendar

Virtual public health assistant

Important information and circulars on disease awareness and emergency protocols can now be offered to the citizens via chat. This way, citizens don't have to put in the effort to educate themselves about what to do in case of a medical emergency. The government chatbot can take the initiative and guide the citizens.

Digitally connected to all departments

All departments are connected digitally together so in case of emergency such as Fire/accident Both Fire, police and health departments are alerted, so police, fire truck and ambulances can be reached immediately.

Faster and quicker service

Uses advance concepts such as GEO Informations, location information so that user don't have to type in emergency.

Helps to reduce load on call center

Because of AI and powerfull NLP backend it communicates just like human being with all connected datas it can easily answer to verious common queries of citizens and can work proactively without human being which indirectly reduces load on government call centers.

Integrates with your IVR

Our Chatbot is backed with powerfull integration with IVR. It can answer queries and It's inbuilt intelegence decides if the current call need to transfer to human..

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