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Tejora's Banking Chatbot

Implement conversational platforms for your customers and employees with ease.

From mundane requests to complicated tasks, making banking easy for your customers whether it’s on a bank’s mobile app or internet portal, website, social media messenger, Our Chatbots offer an enriching and valuable new experience for your users. Our chatbots enable your bank to radically improve your Customer Experience & Operational processes.

Conversational money management is essential for the banks of the future.

Over the past few years, digital banking has seen tremendous adoption with banking customers. While internet banking had been growing steadily since the early 2000, it’s the increase in smartphone penetration that has led to a dramatic increase in mobile banking.

We assist banks in developing chatbots which help users answer business queries quicker and more easily. Our bots can act as an investment advisor, help in trading, or even managing expenses.

Our chatbots, when integrated with the banks existing digital channel solutions, help provide a means to reach out to their customer better and faster.

Some of the features of our Chatbots for Banking segment

  • Answer Customer Queries
  • Generate leads
  • Help customers with their finances
  • Perform transactions on behalf of customer
  • Customer feedback
  • Services requests
Customer service

Customer service excellence has always been the key to competitive advantage. Capabilities which are looked upon by digital-savvy customers include personalized support and speed to which are not supported by a bank’s website or mobile app.

Tejora’s Chatbot can act as an automation tool that dramatically reduces the cost of serving customers. Customers no longer need to call banks or search through customer support sections of bank’s website — all of this can be automated.


Our Chatbot can deliver tailored offers, products, and services to bank’s customers based on their history, profile or important life events. Such offers conveyed at the right time can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Simplifying complex processes:

Managing multiple accounts to deciphering the complex loans and other processes, banks are generally viewed to be a complex place. Our Chatbot can simplify the entire process and assist the customer in processing their request by accurately collecting user information and requirement with minimal manual intervention.


Our chatbot can be designed for customer queries such as:

  • How much money did I spend on travel last month?
  • Can you share a list of ATMs nearest to my location?
  • How do I transfer money using IMPS?
  • Please help me with freezing my credit card.

Further they can also be used smartly for providing proactive support for superior customer experience for scenarios like:

  • Recommending investment options based on savings bank balance and risk profile
  • Providing market-related news and impact on portfolio
  • Suggesting ways to utilize reward points of credit cards.

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